What are the keyword match types for the data shown for your PPC keywords : Broad, Phrase, or Exact?

The short answer is - it could be either Broad, Phrase, or Exact match.

What we monitor are ads in Google/Yahoo/Bing that are triggered by the 90 M keywords in our database. We emulate end user behavior, not advertiser behavior.

An example may help. If the keyword we monitor is "web hosting linux", the advertiser may have used:

  1. Broad match on the word : linux, it may trigger their ads. 
  2. Phrase match on "web hosting", it may trigger their ads. 
  3. Exact match : [web hosting linux] it also will trigger their ads. 

Unfortunately, we are not able to tell which match-types advertisers use. What we do know is which keywords trigger their ads.

You may be able to get a sense of which matching approach they used by looking at the ad copy itself. If it's really well-targeted for the keyword in question, then it likely is Exact match.

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