How does iSpionage compare to other spy tools?

Report focus is on PPC, then SEO as secondary focus

At iSpionage, we focus our reports for PPC data. We have the most intuitive report to quickly get insights on your Adwords competitors. 

Profitable Keywords and Ad copy index (KEI / AEI)

Our proprietary Keyword and Ads Effectiveness Index (KEI and AEI) helps our users filter out the signal vs noise. You can quickly sift through the keywords that really matters for your campaign. 



User journey report

Another unique feature : Saved screenshots of competitor landing pages and a conversion funnel that lines up keywords with the ad copy and landing pages being used for those keywords. I should also mention that a picture is worth a thousand words and that you can learn A LOT from studying your competitors landing pages.


Get super relevant keywords grouped by your Competitors

Grouping keywords into a tight group is a tedious process. But your top competitors already did that for their campaign. Why reinvent the wheel? 

iSpionage helps you to download their keyword group:

The green circle with a number in it is the keyword group that triggered the ad copy.

Clicking it and you'll get the keyword set within the group:


Landing Page Gallery

The Landing Page Gallery gives you access to close to 250K desktop and mobile landing pages used by top advertisers in more than 70 business segments.

We selected top keywords (ones with high search volume & cost-per-click) within this 70ish categories and monitored the landing pages triggered by them on a monthly basis.

The benefit for online marketer:

  1. Save research time 
  2. Inform you on how your offer compares to others.
  3. Provides you with landing page design idea, not just the look and feel, but how other top marketers write their headline, sub-headline, hero shot, forms, call to action text.
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