What kind of data can I get from the Landing Page gallery?


The Landing Page Gallery gives you access to close to 250K desktop and mobile landing pages used by top advertisers in more than 70 business segments.


We selected top keywords (ones with high search volume & cost-per-click) within this 70ish categories and monitored the landing pages triggered by them on a monthly basis.

The benefit for online marketer:

  1. Save research time 
  2. Inform you on how your offer compares to others.
  3. Provides you with landing page design idea, not just the look and feel, but how other top marketers write their headline, sub-headline, hero shot, forms, call to action text.

Additional benefit:
Did you know that some keywords (like "drug rehab") could cost $150 per click?
You can ethically do a proper market research without charging other advertisers an arm and leg for each click you do. The way we retrieve our data does not cost them anything.

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