How To Create a Project on Campaign Watch

 Click on Campaign Watch link on the top nav > click on Create a New Project   


You will land on this page, and will need to enter the following information:

  1. Keywords you want to monitor
  2. Your top competitors URLs
  3. Your website URL
  4. Device & Location that you like to monitor


1. ENTER Keywords that you want to monitor 

Type in the keywords that you want to monitor, let’s say your industry is around kids fashion 

Tips: Copy and paste your keywords from your adwords account by type in your competitor’s website in the search box


2. ENTER Your Top competitors URLs

Tips: Not sure who your top competitors are ? Identify your top competitors using competitors research tool


3. ENTER your website URL


4. SELECT Device & Location 


When you're done creating the project,  you will see the pop-up message below.



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