How To Edit My Campaign Watch Project?


  1. Project Info
  2. Device
  3. PPC Monitoring
  4. Page Monitoring
  5. Alerts
  6. Scheduled Report


1. Project Info

You can edit the name of your project and add description about the project. For example: Brand:, non-brand:


2. Device Settings

You can change your device selection in this section.  The # of keywords for desktop and mobile are counted separately. 

If you chose to monitor “both”, keywords will be counted double. For example: # of keywords you entered = 5.


If you selected BOTH devices, the keywords will be counted as 10 (=5*2).

3. PPC Monitoring

In PPC Monitoring, you can edit these 3 components:

  • 3.1. Website & Competitors

You can add, modify, or delete competitors’ urls at anytime. 


  • 3.2. Keywords


  • 3.3. Geo Location


4. Page Monitoring set-up

You can add Root URL and Subpages to monitor competitor's web pages and stay up to date with their latest products and promotion.  (max. 20 pages or PRO plan , and max. 40 pages for ADVANCED plan)

5. Alerts set-up

Receive alerts to identify shifts in competitors' digital marketing strategy in your inbox. You may add name and email address of the people in your team you'd like to send the alerts to. 


6. Scheduled Report

You can choose the type of report you wish to receive and schedule the time and frequency you want the report to be sent out. 


Click SAVE when you're done and you will see this pop-up message.  It takes 24 hour to collect the data, please log back in on the next day.  





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